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Decentralizing interfaces

Pema Chodron shares Rinpoche’s olders son memories about his father. Essentially, he has always been looking for ways to introduce some disturbance. Not proactively, but meaningfully. For example:

He himself used to wear an obi, the wide belt that goes with a kimono, underneath his clothes, really tight, so that if he slouched, he would be uncomfortable—he had to keep his “head and shoulders”…

These little things helped to stop something what Rinpoche called “shopping” — a constant pursue for “better” options. This perfectly aligns with the idea of comfort as the most human thing.

Modern interfaces are built to be smooth and easy to use. They are fine-tuned for consumption and grabbing attention. What if by introducing little disturbances via interfaces, one could help people gain and maintain more consciousness while using digital tools.

What if, by creating decentralizing interfaces one could help breaking the circle of mindless consumption.

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