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Digital Gardening

Just like gardening represents the practice of maintaining natural environment, digital gardening is about taking care, and maintaining digital environments. Both are done with the head-down approach and zen-like lightness to doing things to reap the benefits of coumpounding effects in future. Its main feature is in continuous unfolding: one is never done. It’s the path that brings the joy, and not the destination.

Hence, digital gardening is a practice of maintaining sustainable digital presence. Such as, updating personal websites, posting something on the social platforms of choice, fixing bugs, helping others. In gardening, you have a ton of different tools to use. Digital gardening is no exception: programming languages, social platforms, devices, interfaces’ affordances.

One can’t hurry natural processes. The same applies to digital environment (surprise!). To maintain sustainable growth, one has to limit inputs and make sure to both the environment, and the gardener.