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Convenience induces inconvenience

Near my house there is a car with a bumper sticker that reads “death before inconvenience”. Most people, most of the time, will take whatever choice requires least work. If web-based software wins, it will be because it’s more convenient. And it looks as if it will be, for users and developers both 1.

Also, the more convenience, the more dependance. If people are used to services and apps to work everywhere, it might be a shock to suddenly be thrown back to inconvenience — that is, absence of connection, for example. Or, if people are used to pay globally for services, how is that for a 21 century to cut some of them off from such a convenience?

It’s our responsibility to to balance conveniences and inconveniences. To be mindful of building not only software that introduces conveniences, but also helps gaining independence is any way

The more convenience there is, the more things become inconvenient.

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