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Nurture intellectual immune systems

I consume a lot of content (99.9% nonfiction). It comes from different mediums, diverse sources, as well as it comes in quantities. Some of it inspires me, some challenges, some triggers doubt, some — helps me growing. All these inputs — useful or not — enhance my intellectual immune system. And if it is like an immune system, some content is destroyed by the system when it’s a virus, and some of it sticks and enhances the whole.

The stronger the system, the better it responds to the elements that come it. Just like the real immune system, the weaker one would miss a “virus” or a harmful bacteria (like fake news, conspiracy, idiocy, lack of clarity, and whatnot), while the string one would react quick, analyze, and will help fighting it.

But how does one usually builds a string immune system? By exposing oneself to a multitude of environments, presenting the immune system with many unknown challenges. That is, by exposing one’s mind to a multitude of opinions and by learning to co-exist with others, we actually could enhance our intellectual immune systems.