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Create mindfulness-focused interfaces

If one considers meditation as a practice of awareness, then the opposite of it would be distraction. There are many distractive practices nowadays, and social media consumption — if not used with attention and intention — can be the most distracting, hence, harmful of all distractions. The reason for that is not only “the feed” where people try to present their “best sides” while triggering unhealthy reactions from those why see this. Probably, another — less discussed — reason for that is the interface itself, the affordances as they are.

Such as, an input could as “What’s new?” — it’s impossible that nothing has happened — “Why are you here then, if you don’t bring exciting news?”. Or sharing photos from distant and exotic places. It’s only natural for humans to constantly compare and compete. But is it that necessary? Is it absolutely necessary to build such harmful environments through interfaces?

Instagram and TikTok were created and perfected such that people constantly come back there for yet another dopamine hit. Someone created them, built them. Hence, it is possible to create something different. Something that does the opposite — allows people not to dream and strive for more by running on the hedonic treadmill, but to practice being more at peace with themself.