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On Documentation


when someone has learned something that they really wanted to pass on to future generations, more often than not they would write it down on paper

it’s perhaps even more terrifying to imagine how much of human knowledge exists only within the heads of living people – and what would happen if a generation of working-age adults were suddenly wiped out.

I am a finely tuned sensor for the hypocrisy of others, and the indignation I feel towards someone else’s undocumented project is a powerful motivator.

I document my work for the sensation of writing about it in the past tense. It gives a sense of completion, or at the very least of a transition

document my work to convince myself that I should be proud of it, and to establish a framework in which I can understand it in the future, and to have something to point to when the work itself has been buried in time.

want to document the work I’ve done on my home. I want to build a manual, with system diagrams, maintenance schedules, and any photographs I have of the house under construction