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In search of organic software


I do think that organic software as a concept, and as approach is not only hugely underrated (due to the natural market competition), but also because of how sustainable the model is.


relatively-easy money of VCs has a cost – once you get on the VC ferris wheel 🎡, the primary goal of a business changes:

Funding models explain why it’s so hard to rely on software services long-term. Not because of technical problems like crashes, but because they’re often built to die.

I’ve found that the best way to predict whether software is made to die is to look at how it’s funded. What’s the company’s business model? How will they make money?

Two different kinds of farms can grow vegetables. One is a factory farm built for scale, and the other takes the time to grow more expensive but healthier plants without pesticides.

So maybe we should have ‘organic’ software as well, made by companies that:

  1. Are not funded in such a way where the primary obligation of the company is to 🎡 chase funding rounds or get acquired (so bootstrapping, crowdfunding, grants, and angel investment are okay)
  2. Have a clear pricing page
  3. Disclose their sources of funding and sources of revenue