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Own an Equity of An Idea

An equity of an idea is the value one owns within a huge idea. Foreexample, longevity. The idea belongs to a big and multidisciplinary field shared by psychologists, clinicians, researchers, and many other professionals. And the more public a professional is, the more equity within and idea he is able to own.

Peter Attia is a great example of someone owning a pretty big equity of an idea of longevity. He wrote the Outlive1, dedicated specifically to the topic of living longer and better. He also participated in Chris Hemsworth‘s docuseries on related topic2.

Peter does own a pretty big equity, and thus is able to influence it and — even —distribute it among other participators of the market. Such that, for example, by inviting yet another clinician, he signals that this particular professional is “in the club”3. He also is able to reap the benefits — not only in terms of reputation, but also in terms of finance — he might be the person to be invited in a new longetivity project, for example.

In some cases, owning an equity of an idea can be much more profitable, than owning some company’s equity.


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