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Privacy-compatible web development

(Digital) privacy comes with inconvenience. The more privacy one needs, the less convenience one gets. For example, setting up plugins like NoScript sometimes leads to drastically reduced web experiences. Which is fair when it comes to using complex services and platforms — you get what you wanted. When browsing the web in “safer” modes, prepare fot broken layouts, shifted colours and lack of functionality.

Yet I don’t think it’s fair when it comes to personal portfolios, and simple static sites to use that much JS and other fance stuff just to make thing move, and jump, and osciliate. I think it is only fair to reduce script overhead which: leads to overall better website performance, does not lead to information overload, and is actually good for ecology in a grand scheme of things.

I do think it’s fair to strive for simplicity rather than unnessesary complexity. I think it’s more inclusive and fair to build websites with privacy browsing in mind.

And what is the most foundamental, the most basic and resilient way to represent ideas for the web? Text.

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